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Benson looked at him, "Pops, where are you getting these names from"? Mordecai chuckled, "Ok. Margaret aimed for the trashcan. She didn't want to quit, she wanted to bring her baby into the world. Skips looked at his cousin, "I don't think you should start liking that girl, she's Rigby's girlfriend" Quips shrugged, "But she's so cut-Quips"! Picnic with love Quintel and the rest of the writers had literally sent the main cast into space.

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After an hour of labor, a sudden wave of nausea hit her, she groaned covering her mouth, "I have to puke…" Following her request Eileen quickly fetched a trashcan giving it to Mordecai who held it close to her, Margaret's stomach turned as she threw up in the trashcan, he stroked her hair, "I know…let it out" Margaret threw up more and more making Mordecai hold her head, "MMPH! Mordecai encouraged her, "You're doing great Maggie…Just a couple more pushes". My mom told me, I took six hours" Everyone oohed and cringed.

Eileen margaret regular show snackguardians
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